Lessons from a Volcano

Photo by    Hamzah Hanafi    on    Unsplash

I had a vision last year while I was journeying with Spirit. I was shown a scene deep in the core of the earth.

A circle of dancers moved around a great sacred fire,
their dance stoking the flames in this dark earthy cave
bringing the molten blood of earth to a boil

as the flames grew expanded and magnified
it could longer be contained by the earth
and so it was forced up to the surface
breaking through the crust in a volcanic eruption,
spewing into the air in a great explosive overflow

molten lava, blood of the earth, recovers the land
remaking it all in an instant with her fiery flow
what once was solid and alive
melted back into the primal soup

I was shown how from this complete and utter destruction, a lush green paradise would later grow. I was made to understand that this is to come, is already in progress, here on planet earth.

And it is also the process we are each undergoing as we transform ourselves into humans who can build and steward a new reality, one in which we are all free to be alive together.

So if you've had your volcano moment and you're looking around at the rubble saying, "WTF?"

It is true you may have to mourn some losses, and it may just be too early to tell what new life is going to rise from the ashes. But if you are paying attention you will not miss it when it does.

If you look closely there may be hints even now.

What is asked of you is to stay with the process from start to finish. When you feel the flames of passion growing within you, allow the channel to open and let your creative life force out to play, to destroy, and to create.

Then you must be ready to get down on your knees, put your hands into the fresh new dirt and tend your garden, watering it with all the love and nurturing you have been holding in the reservoir of your heart.

Remember that creation and destruction are inextricably linked. Volcanos have created some of earth's most stunning landscapes.

Paradise, born from the flames of destruction.

Allow yourself to live your art and create your life. Do not be afraid to create and destroy and create again. This is the path of the healer, the artist, the rebel, the revolutionary.

How can you show up, right here and right now? Will you show up today? Tomorrow? And the next day? and the next?

This is how you anchor a new reality. Do what you will.