How I Work

I have always been fascinated by people, wanting to hear their stories and understand what they're all about. 

At this time, I find my greatest joy in connecting with my fellow humans in a real way. I especially love connecting one on one.  I consider it an honor to be invited into your world, and to know you on a deeper level. 

My intentions for every session

  • To hold up a mirror so you can see yourself more clearly, and validate the truths you already know in your heart

  • To serve as a safe and loving witness to the reality and fullness of your human experience, holding space for you in your joys and sorrows, your fears and frustrations, your darkness and your light

  • To share the information you most need to know for your best and highest good at this time in your journey

  • To invite illuminating self-reflection 

  • To support you in bringing more of your authentic self to life

  • To empower you in taking action to live out your highest potential, bringing your gifts and talents to the world


My Approach to Astrology


I use astrology as a framework to support healing and personal development. 

I work from the understanding that the movements of planets are in a relationship of correlation rather than causation. Thus, an astrology chart shows patterns and potentials rather than a specific fate that is set in stone. 

Because I honor your power to influence your reality through your choices, I do not make predictions about future events that may take place or the outcome of situations, nor will I tell you the "right" thing to do. I may offer counseling in the form of suggestions of where you might focus your time and energy, but you are always the expert about your life.  My role is to give you information, context, and support on your journey.  



My work is trauma-informed, socially and politically conscious, and grounded in a commitment to honor the inherent worth and dignity of all humans. I acknowledge the privilege that I hold as a white, cis, middle class, able-bodied, college educated woman. I intend to use that privilege in alignment with my value of justice and my vision of a world where all beings are free and happy. I am engaged in ongoing personal work to dismantle the oppressive programming that lives in me so that I can do less harm. I welcome feedback about any instances where I have gotten something wrong.

While I welcome clients of all faith traditions (or lack thereof), my work is necessarily informed by and filtered through my own spiritual lens.  Specifically, I practice earth-centered spirituality and adhere to the principles of Unitarian Universalism.  I work from the perspective that we have all chosen to incarnate here on earth for the purpose of soul learning and growth, that we have multiple such incarnations, and that the divine is present within us and everywhere around us.