Open your Akashic Records to access your soul’s own wisdom 🕊💫


Akashic Guidance is my unique way of channeling and working with the Akashic Records.

Your Akashic Record (also known as the Book of Life) holds the complete imprint of your soul on all levels and through all time and space.

You may have access to this record and the insights it holds for the purpose of growing and evolving in this human incarnation that your soul has chosen to experience.



Through a dynamic flow of insights, messages, spirit-led coaching, visions, energetic healing and more, the Akashic Guides will offer you whatever you most need to know and experience at this time for your growth and empowerment.

We will begin with a short grounding meditation, and then I will open the portal to your Akashic Record book ~ your name and your intention are the key.

From there, the session is co-created with you based on your inquiries and requests. Come with specific questions and topics to focus on, or simply open to the flow! 

You'll also receive an oracle card reading and personal healing protocol to anchor the session.

Although we will spend up to an hour in the akashic energies, the insights and energetic transmission will continue to unfold and integrate over time.

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60 minutes / $97



  • live 1:1 video session

  • oracle card reading & healing protocol

  • session recording

Session location

We will meet on Zoom video conference—it’s free, and accessible from any device that has an internet connection!

If you’re local to central CT and want to meet in person, please contact me prior to booking online.


What clients are saying

My session with Stephanie provided clarity, support, and beauty, sharing information that validated my deepest knowing of my soul.  

What I got was priceless—(self) permission to let go of striving, and simply open to my purpose with ease and presence. 

Overall my session was very healing, insightful and with profound effects.

— Lisa

My session really helped me gain focus on the direction to take my business. We also processed my feeling of hesitation around claiming this path.

Imagery from the session has become part of my morning meditation, helping me feel empowered to spend my time and energy wisely.

I would definitely recommend a reading with Stephanie, even if you can't put what you're asking into words just yet. She has a wonderful way of hearing your intention within your words and finding what your heart needs you to hear.

— Rebecca

Stephanie’s reading was amazing! I loved learning about my family and my path in life.

I left the session more confident with specific recommendations to improve my health and well being. I feel better already, and I have no doubt that I will continue to improve.

I highly recommend a session with Stephanie to get more in touch with your personal truth.

— Adrian


Open to your soul’s own knowing