Here’s what some of my amazing clients have said about their experiences of working with me.



Before my session with Stephanie, I was holding some doubts about whether I was on the right track to uncover my path. After my session with Stephanie, I can safely say that my doubts are gone!

Her insights and our wonderful conversation allowed me to put together so many pieces of my personal puzzle, and I immediately felt so heard, seen, and supported at every level. She made it so easy for me to be open and honest so that we could dive deep.

I now feel so inspired to pursue my highest truth, start my spirit-led business, and really trust myself to know the best steps to take.

I'm so thrilled to connect with such an amazing individual, because Stephanie's light is shining so brightly and it truly feels like the stars aligned to allow our paths to cross. It really does feel that transformational! I highly recommend a Soul Session with Stephanie!  

— Emily


My reading was amazing. It was like someone looking into my soul and really getting at the core of who I am. I felt like I was actually being seen for who I really am and it felt good and I felt validated. We went over my past and looked at where it has lead me. We also talked about my current struggles and possibilities for my future. I laughed and I cried. I really needed my reading and I incorporate the information daily. It was such a gift.

— Rayla


I had a Soul Session with Stephanie that was validating, encouraging and extremely thorough. I am still digesting all of her insights and wisdom and will be for some time to come. We explored many facets of my traumatic past, the present regeneration process I am undergoing, and possible future directions that my soul is aching to journey toward.

Stephanie is the real deal, genuine, intuitive and heart centered. There was no place in her multidimensional approach that felt off limits for us to explore together. It felt safe, fun, hopeful, and very expansive. As she highlighted many of the different archetypes I felt myself melting more into my true self. The session with Stephanie has given me permission to be me, quirks and all, and to embody my soul. 

I am beyond grateful!

— Leslie


I couldn't ask for a more gentle, kind, loving, patient and compassionate person to hold space for me, while we dived deep into my Astrological Chart! It is so clear that Stephanie is following her calling in this world! She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Astrology and supporting others to more deeply understand their true selves. She explained everything so clearly, articulately and in a very relatable manner. I felt genuinely acknowledged, seen, heard and understood by Stephanie! I highly recommend working with this intuitive, incredible soul! My Soul Session with Stephanie was a profoundly powerful and illuminating experience!

— Tiffany


One look in her eyes and you can see the care & empathy that embodies who she is. I still get goosebumps recalling her reading. Stephanie was able to read me and my situation as if it were a story she had written herself. Words are insufficient to express my gratitude for the insights Stephanie shared with me. I highly recommend her to any in search of answers in their life.

— Dave


Stephanie offered me a way to bring clarity to my present circumstances. Conversing with her enabled limiting beliefs to dissolve during our session and be replaced by an affirming supportive awareness of what is possible—what I’ve come here to do. She is genuine and authentically talented at translating your astrological chart with an empowered feminine quality that offers a potent transmission.

— Chelsea

empowering & enlightened

Stephanie is a beautiful, intuitive, patient, and passionate soul. She has truly found her soul's purpose and guides others to see and reveal parts of themselves that may be hidden, dormant, and/or staring them right in their face. (As all of those were my case ☺.) She explained my chart with such care and detail and provided insight about areas/characteristics that were spot on! I definitely recommend a personable, empowering and enlightened reading from her. She is truly gifted.

— Kishara

my quirks, my calling, and personality are perfect

Had my birth chart read by Stephanie last week and am still letting all the juicy info soak in. I'm rewatching our call and am amazed at how clearly she explained everything to a total newbie like me. She's very intuitive and gave me confidence that my quirks, my calling, and personality are perfect and the challenges I face are an invitation to level up.

— Isabelle

POWERFUL IMPACT on my life & journey

I had the pleasure to have my first ever astrological reading with Stephanie. It was an amazing experience. Stephanie was so patient in explaining the process, answering all my questions and providing me with feedback and guidance that was truly validating and touching. Words can not describe the gratitude I hold for the powerful impact Stephanie’s skill, talent and heart has made on my life and my personal journey towards expansion and growth.

— Justyna

validated what I've always Known

I recently had my chart prepared and presented by Stephanie, and while I'm still chewing, digesting and assimilating much of what was offered (and it was a lot), I can say that so much of the information shared has validated so much of what I've always Known, so much of what has been unearthed through my own work over the years, and still more that validates the path I've been on and the roots that I am sinking ever deeper.

Thank you, Stephanie, for this very special gift. It's a treasure, much like you.

— Rose

Truly life changing

Stephanie opened doors to my heart and my mind that will forever shed light on my path. She validated parts of me that needed to be seen and empowered me beyond belief.

Stephanie helped me to both recognize and fully own the gifts I can share with the world, leaving me with a deep sense of purpose.

Stephanie was incredibly genuine throughout the process, and it is undeniably clear that this is a true talent and passion of hers. Stephanie was SO knowledgable, gentle, patient, and confident with her explanations, while also sharing in the excitement of such powerful truths being revealed. I can't recommend working with her highly enough! Truly life changing <3

— Suzanne


I recently did a reading with Stephanie and found her very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to. She did a great job explaining aspects of my chart and did a thorough job answering my questions. A few days later I had experienced a fairly significant shift in working with some inner issues. I believe the conversation she and I had regarding where that issue came up in my chart gave me a different framework for working with it, and it proved to be helpful in helping me process and shift the energy. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her and hope to again in the future.

— Karen

a piece of my soul coming home

The reading I received from Stephanie was absolutely amazing. Her knowledge and way of doing readings - a combination of intuitive and practical understanding - is refreshing, informative, and felt like a piece of my soul coming home. After taking a long break from intuitive readings of any kind, receiving this experience with her was exactly what my heart needed! I highly recommend doing a reading with Stephanie- you will be so glad you did!

— Kate

I can trust what i Know

I felt so seen and compassionately cared for by Stephanie during her reading and her guidance was so right on. She showed me that I know myself and can trust that what I know is true while also giving me more direction to understand and receive what I may be struggling with. She saw that I am on the right path and to trust and keep moving forward with greater and greater faith! I'm so very grateful for her clarity, guidance, support and warmth. I so recommend having at least one session with her!

— Hilary


Stephanie's intuition, heart-centeredness, knowledge of astrology and other esoteric healing arts gave me deep insight into my life path -- in the past, present and future. 

Stephanie is incisive, passionate and wise and helped me to identify several actionable opportunities that I began working on after my session. If you're looking for a way to light a fire under your passion, I highly recommend a Soul Session!

— Lisa

empowered me to fully say YES

Stephanie’s consult came exactly in the right moment. By reading my birth chart and sharing her observations in a gentle yet firm way, she helped me to better understand myself and some of my struggles. I was aware of most of my personal talents, fields of interest as well as potential pitfalls before, but I never never saw the whole picture and its dynamics in such a comprehensive way. 

Stephanie is a highly skilled listener. This helped me to get clarity on future directions, both personally and professionally. Furthermore our dialogue has empowered me to fully say YES to this path, while I am - playfully - taking next steps"

— Peter

EMPOWERED direction and clarity

My session with Stephanie exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Firstly, her warm and friendly demeanor helped to calm down the hint of jitters I was feeling at the beginning of the session--I guess I knew deep down inside that BIG truths would be revealed during a session like this one--so I found myself excited yet trepidatious about learning what was written out in the stars for me. Ultimately, though, there was nothing to fear--all the information imparted was cathartic and extremely empowering.

Stephanie's vast knowledge of astrology and how it related to my birth chart was truly inspiring. I definitely could tell she was also pulling from her own intuitive feelings as she led the session and wove in beautiful tidbits of personal guidance that helped to affirm where I am headed on my soul journey in this lifetime. I feel very empowered with direction and clarity as I move forward on the road towards my dreams. 

I highly recommend a Soul Session with Stephanie! If you are looking for encouragement, a boost of confidence, trying to make a big decision or simply need some clarity or loving affirmation that you are moving in the right direction with your life, then a Soul Session is the perfect gift to yourself or even a loved one. Thank you Stephanie for the gift of your wisdom!

— Kate


It was my first astrology reading ever and I am blown away by it. All those dormant gifts to be revealed and all the challenges that are meant to be! Good to have validation of these themes that were felt but I was not fully conscious of. Stephanie graced me with a gift of better understanding of my "makeup." As a result I feel supported, encouraged and validated to proceed with this life's journey knowingly. Stephanie is intuitive, warm and inspiring. I feel particularly lucky to have been enriched by her gifts to all of us. THANK YOU STEPHANIE for the Feminine Emergence series and my reading - they soothed and nourished my soul!!!

— Natalia

I was stunned by the accuracy

Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive, articulate, and sensitive, which made having a reading with her a truly stimulating, eye-opening, brain-exploding experience. I met with Stephanie last night, and my whole organism is still buzzing today. I do a lot of mind-body work already, which has cultivated in me an openness to learning about energy, psychology, family, relationships, self, etc., but I had very little experience with astrology and wasn't sure what to expect. I was stunned by the accuracy of Stephanie's reading which not only described in depth some of the things that I've discovered myself only after many years of work but illuminated and connected a lot that I didn't know yet, and I felt profoundly seen. I'm grateful for Stephanie's insight and look forward to watching the effects of this reading unfold in the weeks and months to come.

— Sarah