Hi, I’m Stephanie & I’m delighted that you’re here!

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As a counseling astrologer, life coach, intuitive healer, writer, and speaker, I activate, guide, and support empathic, intuitive, and creative women to come into greater expression and embodiment of their authentic power.

I created Heart Blossom to support you in connecting with and bringing forth the wisdom of your heart. My wish is for you to feel at home in yourself, and to shine bright, offering your unique gifts and talents to the world!


work with me

Explore the major themes and patterns in your life, learn about your personal gifts and challenges, and discover your soul's evolutionary path.


Invest in your authentic evolution with one-on-one soul support for your journey.

The Experience

I now feel so inspired to pursue my highest truth, start my spirit-led business, and really trust myself to know the best steps to take.