~ Calling all sensitive souls ~

Do you struggle with being yourself, trusting your intuition, speaking your truth, and feeling safe to exist here on planet Earth as a sensitive womxn?

I want to hear from you! You’re invited to join me for a free 30 minute conversation where you can speak and be listened to with compassion and non-judgment.

In exchange, what you share will help me know how I can best serve you in my work and future offerings.


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Shame dies when stories are told in safe places.

-Ann Voskamp

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**Please note: This is not a coaching, counseling, therapy, or healing session, intuitive reading, consultation, or sales call. It's a conversation in which I will primarily be asking questions, listening to you, and reflecting back. Sessions with me are not a substitute for mental health care. If you are in distress, please seek care from a licensed provider.