NEW MOON IN SCORPIO ~ Moon Message & Ancestral Clearing Meditation

Greetings! Here is your Moon Message for the New Moon in Scorpio, complete with some Halloween vibes! (Watch the whole video to see me transform. 😉) The ancestral clearing meditation begins at 4:40.

This Moon Message includes:

  • info about the new moon energies

  • what my Halloween costume revealed to me on an energetic level

  • my reflections on ancestral patterns and my family's intuitive lineage

  • beginning at 4:40, a 15 minute channeled meditation to call in supportive ancestors and release some of the patterns that they have passed down to us that are no longer serving

Key transits:

  • October 27, 2019 at 11:38 p.m. EDT - New Moon at 4º Scorpio opposite Uranus Rx at 4º Taurus; Mars at 15º Libra square Saturn at 15º Capricorn

  • October 31, 2019 at 11:41 am EDT - Mercury will station retrograde at 27º Scorpio


Click here for the audio version of this message.

Music played at the beginning is "Trojan Horses" by Agnes Obel (Can you tell she has sun in Scorpio?)

(Pardon the blips in audio quality, I had some interference today.)



Greetings, I'm Stephanie Briggs, the creator of Heart Blossom, and this is your Moon Message for the New Moon in Scorpio, October 27, 2019.

Today's new moon is happening at four degrees of Scorpio, where the sun and the moon are conjunct. And opposite the sun and moon cluster is Uranus at four degrees of Taurus—the Liberator. Uranus is currently retrograde so its liberation process is happening internally.  

Scorpio as an archetype tends to exercise power in a covert way or at least in a way that is operating less in the physical and tangible realms of existence—operating more in the shadows.

And you may notice [if you’re watching the video] I'm wearing this wig today.  I got this for my Halloween costume. I noticed that when I put the wig on I feel a little bit different. I feel like I have a bit of a disguise. And I noticed that when I have this disguise, this other energy feels safe and free to come out a little bit more, this energy that's a little bit darker we could say—less interested in being nice and pleasant and bubbly, like my Libra self tends to identify with and prefer.

Personally, I've been uncovering and thinking about what I've really understood as some ancestral patterns in my family lineage. There are some very powerful intuitive women in my family. And this is not something that really ever was owned or spoken about. But it was certainly experienced and exercised.

This energy did not go away. Instead it's morphed into a lot of harmful patterns, and a great deal of trauma for all involved.  

I feel that this is a very powerful time to call in the support of the ancestors in releasing some of the patterns that they have passed down to us that are no longer serving us, that are no longer serving the world that we want to live in and create.

Whether that is the world within you, or the outer world around you, your communities, your region, your world, your planet, whatever scale what is it that you would like to transform in your reality? 

So at this time, I'd like to offer you a meditation to begin this process of alchemy, that which keeps us from an authentic and integrated expression of power, in which we are not fragmented into shadow selves that lurk in the corners that not want to be seen. And instead, we can consciously choose how we want to express and apply our energies

It doesn't mean that we have to show everything to the world at every moment. But at least that we are choosing and aware of why we are choosing what we show and what we do not. 

Ancestral Clearing Meditation:

So at this time, I invite you to get comfortable wherever you are.

And when you're comfortable in your body, I invite you to close your eyes and start by taking three deep breaths, breathing down into your belly and breathing out nice and slow.  

You may want to actually make some noise when you let the air out. And with all of this I invite you to trust and honor yourself and your body, what you know that you need, and adjust this experience accordingly.

And as you feel your body more clearly, I invite you to just relax into the surface that is holding you, whether it's a chair or the floor, and notice that connection between your body and the ground. Take a few more breaths to energize and breathe into that connection. 

Feeling the lightness, feeling the response from Earth and then traveling up to your heart space, placing a hand on your heart if you wish.

And turning your attention to your aura, your larger energy and taking a moment to affirm and strengthen and breathe into your energetic boundary of your aura, energizing and setting your protection into place, affirming and intending that only energies that are in service of your life, well-being and your integral, greatest good, be allowed to enter and exist within these boundaries.

At this time we are stepping out of normal 3D reality and stepping into a bubble that is outside of time and earthly space. And we are existing in this moment with an appreciation and with a sacred intent. 

At this time I invite you to see in your inner perception that you are now present deep in the woods and you are standing by a great fire in a clearing.

Now around this clearing stands a ring of evergreen trees. These pine trees are tall, they’re elders, and they are here offering further protection and witnessing to this sacred process.

Take a moment to greet them, bow to them and accept their protection as they watch over you.

Now turning your attention to the fire…

As you gaze into the fire, you begin to see some of your ancestors, those ancestors who wish to come through in support of your healing, and in support of your liberation and the growth of a new heart centered, sustainable paradigm here on Earth.

Those ancestors who are here to be part of this process, of transformation of all that no longer serves the greater good.

And as you tune into these ancestors, perhaps you can see them. Perhaps you merely sense their presence, but know that they are standing with you around the fire in a sacred circle and all are here willingly, in perfect love and perfect trust, with a willingness to take responsibility for their choices and their power.

And yes, that includes you because you are also an ancestor of those who are to come and at this moment is important that you accept and enter willingly into this process of liberation. 

Are you willing to be here, in service of the freedom of all beings on planet Earth?  

Are you willing to experience the transformational process of shifting away from old survival patterns, old ways of being always getting needs met? Old ways of feeling safe?

Are you willing to leave those behind?

If you are willing, you may proceed, and know that it is a great honor to serve in this capacity

You are helping to clear dark, dense energies, energies of constriction that have caused great harm. You are serving your lineage and you're also serving those who are to come. Because of course, as the saying goes, pain travels through families until someone is willing to feel it. 

So all those patterns that you avoid, those patterns that you continue to do that you know are not serving you, anything which you are unwilling to heal in this lifetime. It's does not go away, it gets passed on. You have an opportunity now to be an agent of change.

And so at this time, I invite you to feel the presence of these ancestors of liberation, feel their presence, see their faces know that they are with you.

And at this time I invite you to place into the fire those patterns that come into your awareness that you are ready to surrender, those patterns that you're ready to transform, those patterns of hiding, of pretending that you don't know your power, of pretending that you don't know what you know, what you sense, what you are capable of.

 All those ways that you're masking yourself that are rooted in very old experiences and old trauma. 

Release those into the flames You may send them out through your breath, through movement of your body, through expression of your voice, through writing on a page, however you are called to release this energy. Envision it going into the flames.   

You're feeding the flames with this energy, freeing it from the form and the shape that it has taken, and allowing it to be recreated in this primal fire, to emerge in an entirely new form.  To shift into the next expression that is more aligned with what is needed in service of life and love.

Feel your strength and your courage to face these patterns and feel the energy and the lightness that is returning to you as you release all that energy that you've taken on that is no longer needed, energy that truly is not yours, that was given to you and now you're giving it back to the fires of creation.

And you can stay here as long as you like meditating with the flames, releasing this energy. 

And when you feel that you have released and surrendered all that you are ready to let go, once more feel the presence of your ancestors.  Thank them for their support and receive their thanks for the work that you have done today. 

And as you are ready, you may slowly return to 3D reality, the time and space of this moment.  Return to your body returned to the space that is immediately around you, once again feeling the presence of Earth to which you are always tethered during your human experience

And feel yourself regenerating, feel all the new aliveness that is coursing through your veins.

This is what's to come when you are willing to surrender leaves that have died and you're willing to let them fall to the ground. You have cleared the branch for the growth of the new leaves come springtime. 

And in the meantime, you are rooted deep into Earth and you do have access to all that nourishment and stability that those roots provide, even at times when your branches appear naked and vulnerable to the elements. 

On behalf of the new moon in Scorpio, and all of these elevated ancestors who are here watching over and supporting our transformational process here on Earth at this very tumultuous and intense time on the planet, I want to thank you for listening to this message today and for showing up in your process. And for your courage to feel more fully into your human experience and your authentic self. 

Sending you lots of love for this new moon and for the days that are to come.  Many blessings to you.


If you’d like personal guidance and support to navigate and integrate these energies, I’d love to meet with you for an Akashic Guidance session