March 5, 2019: Mercury stations retrograde at 29º Pisces (direct again March 28)

March 6, 2019: New Moon at 15º Pisces, conjunct Neptune and Vesta, and Uranus enters Taurus

Greetings! On this New Moon in Pisces, the Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Vesta all meet up at the midpoint of Pisces inviting us to let old wounds, old structures, old ideas dissolve into the great beyond, setting our sights on a new dream.

Before we set sail for the next destination, though, we have some loose ends to tie up. Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication, commerce, and travel, has just turned retrograde and will be back tracking over the late to mid degrees of Pisces until March 28.  This is the same area that Chiron covered over the last five years, a healing cycle that’s now in the process of fading out since Chiron moved into Aries just weeks ago. Any lessons we had yet to learn are being shown to us again over the coming weeks as Mercury ushers in a time of deeper understanding and healing that will support us in our next phase as Chiron transits Aries

If frustrations arise, take a cue from Pisces and practice surrendering into acceptance to the imperfect reality. Notice if anything shifts.  So often if we choose to set aside judgment of "what is" then we actually create space for it to change. Simple, but not always easy to do. ;-) 

The shadow side of Pisces includes ungrounded and formless energy, escapism, avoidance, addiction, and insanity. Humans have many ways of disconnecting from embodied awareness and sensation of reality with all its pain and suffering. One way is to disconnect from sensation via some intoxication. Another is to lose yourself in patterns of codependence, merging with, enabling, and investing in the other as a means to avoid our own individual experience and growth process which would require us to develop better boundaries. Things could remain decidedly hazy in the coming weeks so it is wise at this time to be on the lookout for miscommunications, misrepresentations, and a general lack of clarity in thought and speech. 

Upgrades to our relationships are definitely happening as Venus in revolutionary Aquarius squares Uranus in as it moves into sensual Taurus, highlighting the drive to liberate our pleasure from modern-day conditioning, healing the mind-body split that results from growing up in a western culture that is deeply violent. Mars is also in Taurus sextile to the Pisces cluster, and trine to Saturn in Capricorn, again hinting at the relationship between embodied sensuality and strong personal boundaries. If I don’t feel like I have a say over what happens to my body, how could I feel safe enough to relax and enjoy?

Under the influence of Neptune, this is a decidedly dreamy portal for divine inspiration especially as it pertains to your healing mission.  Mars and Saturn bring earthy support and grounding to anchor the Pisces dreams into 3D reality. The seeds you are planting now in these final weeks of winter will be watered by the melting snow as spring arrives and we enter a new solar cycle.

Vesta in the mix with Sun, Moon and Neptune reminds us to connect with our soul’s mission and the delight it brings. What is it that lights you up inside and brings forth tears of joy? Remember that light and vitality are yours!  Let them be a beacon in the more challenging moments, your torch lighting up the next step on your path, and then the next, and the next . . .


  • Where are you not seeing clearly in your life or relationships?

  • What is your soul mission? If you are not sure, what activities and experiences make you feel most alive?

  • What is your relationship to pleasure? How much can you relax and enjoy?

  • What boundaries do you need in relationship to yourself, to others, and to the space you inhabit?

  • What dreams are you holding in your mind’s eye? What action will you take to make them real?