April 19, 2019: Full Moon at 29º Libra

Greetings and welcome to 2019’s second consecutive Full Moon in Libra!  Last month the Sun and Moon faced off at the very start of Aries and Libra (Full Moon at 0º Libra), and today they meet again at the very end (29 degrees). 

We have been on a journey of illumination and healing around the ways we relate to self (Aries) and other (Libra), and how our experience of the two are inherently linked.

The South Node with heavyweights Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn continue to bring limiting relationship structures and unconscious patterns into our awareness.  Meanwhile Mercury approaches Chiron in Aries, with Venus soon to follow next week, highlighting core wounding around existence as individuals with own experience, needs and boundaries in relationship. There is a new energy and directness to our thinking and communication, and we are challenged to stand firm and speak our truth, whether or not others agree or feel the same way. 

The days of losing ourselves into relationships, endlessly mirroring and deferring to the other, molding ourselves into what we think will please others? Those are over.  That may have been what we learned growing up; perhaps it even helped us survive. But we can only truly connect with someone else if we can connect with and stay true to ourselves. 

We are invited now to grow into more authentic, spacious, and nurturing ways of being in relationship. This growth and expansion will undoubtedly bring us into conflict as we confront our limitations and learn new skills. This can bring up all kinds of unpleasant and intense feelings especially if we’re trying to shift patterns that are rooted in trauma. 

We can choose to avoid these feelings and stay stuck, or we can look for ways to embrace the process. These are growing pains and we ARE strong enough to survive them, especially if we can lean in and wrap our arms around the mess. 

What does not work is pushing against our resistance from a place of urgency. Resistance is often code for “no, I don’t want to feel and experience that.” When you are trying to force it you are meeting a boundary with an energy of pressure which is not only unkind but also inefficient. It’s like flooring the gas pedal when the car is in park - you’re not going to get anywhere and you’re just wasting fuel. Acceptance and curiosity are much more effective strategies for creating the movement we seek.

On April 21 the Sun enters Taurus, where it will soon meet up with Uranus, energizing our quest for liberation and our natural imperative to exist in ecstatic relationship with all of life, our bodies breathing and pulsing with all Earth’s inhabitants  

Because we are part of Earth and we are meant to be here.  We are meant to be who we are. Meant to inhabit our bodies. Meant to enjoy this precious planet, together.  For real. 


  • What have you learned about your relationship patterns over the last month? What is ready to be released?

  • What are your needs and boundaries in relationship? Are you able to communicate these?

  • Do you engage in people pleasing behaviors or otherwise abandon yourself or compromise your integrity in relationship? What does this do for you? Who would you be if you stopped doing this?