The planets are always on the move.

Learn how to move with them.


Get tuned in so you can expand your impact and take your healing and personal evolution to the next level.

If we haven’t worked together before, your first appointment with me should be a Soul Session. That way I can get to know you and your chart before we go deeper. 

For returning clients, we can continue our work together in the following ways: 

❧ Cosmic Cycles

In this info session, we'll discuss your astrology transits for the next 6 months.  This energetic weather report will help you plan, strategize, and prepare for what's ahead in your life and evolutionary journey.   


live 1:1 video session


60 minutes / $140

❧ sacred seasons

If you’d like more support to integrate your Soul Session and live your chart mindfully, this program is for you! We’ll meet once a month to discuss your personalized astrology transits, identifying the energies and opportunities that are presenting at this time for your growth and evolution.  Plus you’ll receive my support and guidance for whatever is coming up for you on the journey.  If desired, you’ll also learn how to work with your own chart and begin to follow the transits yourself. 


monthly live 1:1 video sessions

All sessions are 30 minutes in length.

What clients are saying

Her insights and our wonderful conversation allowed me to put together so many pieces of my personal puzzle. I now feel so inspired to pursue my highest truth, start my spirit-led business, and really trust myself to know the best steps to take.

— Emily

Stephanie offered me a way to bring clarity to my present circumstances. Conversing with her enabled limiting beliefs to dissolve during our session and be replaced by an affirming supportive awareness of what is possible.

— Chelsea

Stephanie is incisive, passionate and wise and helped me to identify several actionable opportunities that I began working on after my session. 

— Lisa